What We Do

We, at Clearbrook Iron Works, love the challenge of designing and fabricating different types of structures. Whether it is a small unique stair rail or a complex building project, our dedication to hard work and customer satisfaction has made us successful in commercial, industrial and residential fields.

Clearbrook Iron Works was founded back in 1956 and has grown along with the construction industry in Canada. We take pride in our reputation for quality fabrication and "on time" delivery of our products. All of our detail drawing is done in-house using 3-D modeling software as well as typical AutoCAD applications.

Clearbrook Iron Works has been certified with the Canadian Welding Bureau since 1981. Today we are also a member of the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association (ICBA).


Clearbrook Iron Works has branched out with a wholly owned company to serve our own needs as well as the fabrication and construction industry as a whole.

Midway Wheelabrating
Midway Wheelabrating is a subsidiary company which wheelabrates, sandblasts and paints a large variety of steel products to provide certified finishes to a variety of specifications.